Apply for the ESI Scribe Program

Want to join the ESI Scribe program? Emergency Services, Inc. accepts applications for the scribe program year round and fills positions as spots become available. In order to apply, please follow the instructions below:

  • Complete the ESI Scribe Program application in its entirety.
  • On a separate typed page, please take this opportunity to tell us a little bit about yourself, including your strengths and weaknesses. You can discuss what you are currently doing in life, why you want to become a scribe, what you like to do outside of school and work or anything else you feel is important.
  • Please include the following supplemental items with the packet:
    • Current resume
    • Completed, official college transcript
    • Letter of reference
  • Submit completed application materials via mail or email to:

Emergency Services, Inc.
2323 W 5th Ave, Suite 225
Columbus, OH 43204

  • While items can be submitted separately, your application cannot be processed until all required documents are received.